The following templates are now available in this project...
  • LevelSelectTemplate - generic project for create a game with multiple levels where you get to easily determine just how many levels you want to include
  • PhysicsTemplate - this demo will get you started with a physics based game. The game derives from the LevelSelectTemplate so it gives you the same control over multiple levels
  • GrowTemplate - this demo is a simple game where the hero sprite chases and/or avoids many programmatically generated sprites and responds to collisions
The AngryTurdsTemplate is coming soon.
You can download templates from the Source Control tab, or better yet, connect to this project using Git to be constantly in touch with updates.

Project Description
ZERO260 is an online training event primarily aimed at students (but anyone's welcome), where you can learn how to create games for Windows 8 (and other platforms too actually!) using Scirra Construct2.

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